Post-16 Education

Bridging Activities

Below are a selection of Bridging units and links to help you in your transition to KS5.


You can also contact your chosen college and ask for recommended reading.  The links to colleges are on the Careers homepage.

Letter to Y11 Re Bridging Activities

Subject Bridging Units Links
Art Y11 Isolation Project  


A-Level Economics Bridging Unit 1

Careers Information Advice and Guidance

Y11 Life Skills Wellbeing Careers Booklet

Y11 Steps into the Future Workbook

Post-16 Home Learning Careers Projects

Key workers: NHS

Key workers: Roles in Biology

For College information

Look at Careers homepage or check out resources below


Design and Technology

A-Level: Materials Unit

1.1. Materials and their Application

1.1.2 Classification of Materials

1.1.3 Methods for Investigation

1.1.5 End of Topic Quiz Part 1

1.1.5 End of Topic Quiz Part 2

Drama Bridging the Gap Resource Links  

English Language A-Level Preparation


English Literature A-Level Pre-reading Suggestions

English Language GCSE pod to KS5

English Literature GCSE Pod to KS5


A-Level: Materials Unit 

1.1. Materials and their Application

1.1.2 Classification of Materials

1.1.3 Methods for Investigation

1.1.5 End of Topic Quiz Part 1

1.1.5 End of Topic Quiz Part 2


Benefits and limitations of different drawing styles

Construct Isometric

Ohms Law


Curriculum Vitae Writing for Engineers

CV Writing: a guide for Engineers

CW Writing for Engineers

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Bridging the Gap into Level 3 Diploma: Food, Science and Nutrition

Y11 Next steps in Hospitality and Catering


Carmel College Keep Learning Resource 1

Carmel College Keep Learning Resource 2

GCSE pod to KS5
Health and Social Care Health and Social Care Transition Pack NHS Resources


GCSE pod to KS5

ICT/Computing ICT/Computer Science Bridging Activities  

A Level Mathematics List of Resources

Y12 Mathematics Entry Assessment

GCSE pod to KS5
Modern Foreign Languages: French

La Haine Bridging Unit



La Haine Trailer

GCSE pod to KS5

Teachit Language Resources

Modern Foreign Languages: Spanish

Pan's Labyrinth Bridging Unit

Character Study Pack

Study Guide in Spanish

Study Guide in English

Director Almodovar


GCSE pod to KS5

Teachit Language Resources


Cronton College Transition Resources

AQA A-Level: Suggested Listening List

BBC Bitesize

Physical Education

Examination Papers

A-Level PE Paper 1                   

A-Level Paper 1 Mark Scheme

A-Level PE Paper 2                 

A-Level Paper 2 Mark Scheme

Religious Education A-level Religious Studies Bridging Unit  
Science A-Level Transition Pack Biology Biology GCSE pod to KS5
  A-Level Transition Pack Chemistry Chemistry GCSE pod to KS5
  A-Level Transition Pack Physics Physics GCSE pod to KS5

Careers Information and Guidance

College Links to Resources

Carmel College Resources


Cronton College Your tutors at Cronton are looking forward to welcoming you to the college and have been working hard to prepare some pre-college activities for you. Watch this video announcing their New Student Virtual Taster Week from 6-10 July, 2020


Priestley College are asking pupils to check their website for updates and will be contacting pupils individually throughout May if they still require an interview or are due to start in September.


Reaseheath College have published resources to prepare for English and Maths in September and are still accepting applications from Y11 students, this can be done via our online application form


Riverside College. If you are undecided about which course or subject(s) you are going to study try any of the activities on their website including some of their trade courses.


St Helens College. Register for the School Leavers' Virtual Open Week July 1st-10th, 2020.


Warrington and Vale Royal College Take a look at the wealth of pre-college activities now available.