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Careers Information Advice & Guidance

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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance is a significant part of St Gregory’s Catholic High School’s provision, helping students make informed decisions and choices about their future career plans and next steps. CEIAG is delivered to all students through a variety of methods during their time at St Gregory’s. St Gregory’s careers programme is tracked against the Gatsby benchmarks and meets the Career Development Institutes 17 learning outcomes.

Our Careers Advisor, Erica, is situated in N9 every Friday. If you would like a careers appointment (open to all years) please tell your form tutor or email me on Spring term will be for Y9 only as they prepare to choose their options.


St Gregory’s careers programme aims to:


Treat each child as a child of God, working to improve their knowledge and understanding of how to be a good citizen and take their place in God’s world.

Enable students to make informed decisions and choices about their future by providing them with comprehensive, unbiased and up to date information, advice and guidance.

Respond to the needs of each individual student, supporting their aspirations and progression.

Develop strong skills of reflection so students can build upon previous learning and experiences to greater understand themselves, society and the world they live in.

Ensure that young people are socially developed and equipped with the personal skills necessary to embrace the next stage in their lives.

Challenge misconceptions, intolerance, prejudice and discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, creed, sexual orientation and/or disability as per the Equality Act 2010 ensuring that ALL are recognised as part of God’s creation thereby encouraging them to challenge these intolerances in our society.


The delivery of the careers programme is through PSHCE lessons; Collective Worships involving external visitors such as colleges, employers, alumni, and guest speakers; Careers Advisor meetings; extracurricular activities; Careers Fair and is a core strand of our St Gregory’s High School Ambition For All Diploma. 


Curriculum Maps



Curriculum Structure

Year 7 Introduce:

In Year 7 students will be encouraged to identify their own strengths, interests and skills.  They will then consider what qualities employers would find desirable and reflect on themselves in order to set goals to enable their personal development.


Year 8 Inspire:

In Year 8 students will be inspired by investigating people from a range of different backgrounds who have succeeded in their chosen career path. The concept of employability skills will be developed, and students will think about which skills they need to develop to be successful.


Year 9 Enquire:

In Year 9 students will be encouraged to think about their own career pathway and they will spend some time using internet resources to research different jobs and find out about the salary available and the qualifications needed. In support of their Curriculum Pathways journey, in which students select the subjects they will go on and study at GCSE, every student is given access the Kudos website and its wealth of information. All students will be given the opportunity to receive a 20 minute 1:1 interview with our Careers Advisor to support them in making informed choices for their GCSEs.


Year 10 Aim:

In Year 10 students will be expected to produce a Personal Statement, CV and a Career Plan for their St Gregory’s Diploma to help improve their confidence when applying for further education or employment. Students will continue to develop their knowledge of what skills and qualities employers find desirable and reflect on themselves in order to set goals to enable their personal development.


Year 11 Achieve:

In Year 11 students will look at the pathways available to them after their GCSEs. This will include information about apprenticeships and college courses. Local colleges will be invited to attend PSCE sessions to ensure students are able to make informed decisions. Local job market information will be provided to help students identify where potential future employment opportunities may exist. All students will receive a 20 minute 1:1 interview with our Careers Advisor to support them in making informed choices for their post-16 options.


T Levels


T Levels follow GCSEs and give students a head start towards the career they want. They will suit students who wish to start working towards a skilled occupation, prefer a practical approach to learning and want a predominantly classroom based course.


T-Levels Teachers Guide


School Policies

Careers, Information and Guidance Policy



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