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Sonnet Competition

Year 7 Winners

First Place Second Place Third Place


The greatest sport on earth is basketball

I love the way we dribble up the court

Many players are tall but some are small

The speed is the main thing in this fast sport.


As games start player's energy released

The coaches encourage and reassured

Scores becomes tied and needs to be increased

Two other points are scored and win secured.


Feelings of glee and triumph fill the team

The other team is sad and defeated

This wonderful sport, it is like a dream

If all goes well, it shall be repeated.


Through hard work and dedication we've won

This phenomenal sport is very fun.


My Guinea Pig

Jeremy, yes that's my guinea pig's name,

He really loves any lettuce thats green,

His cuteness deserves to have so much fame,

His head is like a tiny little bean.


He has such short legs but can run so fast,

He has silky fur that is chestnut brown,

I wish I had Jeremy in the past

HIs little bean head deserves a big crown.


He likes going outside in the garden

He loves to sleep in his strawberry bed.

He is cute but he never says pardon

He's always hungry and loves to be fed.


When he sqeaks it echoes round the house

People get confused and think he's a mouse.



After months of waiting Autumn arrives,

Many red and oranges and yellows,

Most of the leaves are now changing their lives,

Colourful fireworks on the meadows.


Nights start to darken and houses light up,

there's a chill in the air so wrap up warm,

Maybe grab a hot choc in a nice cup,

You look exhausted and did you just yawn?


Hibernating animals are sleepy,

Some are bears and hedgehogs and many more,

When they go to bed in makes them happy,

However they have to eat lots before.


The season of Autumn it makes me smile,

I get to enjoy it for a long while!



Year 9 Winners

First Place Second Place Third Place

Night Sky

When the midnight blue swims into the sky,

It fills the night with an ocean of stars,

as the warm, luminous sun says goodbye,

from my mind I picute Pluto and Mars.


The moon sits as a pearl in the black sea,

like a glistening lightbulb in the night.

It was at those times where I felt so free,

where I felt safe bu such a breath, taking sight.


The sky was sown with stars, like sparks of hope,

They lie on the sky's cozy big black blanket,

that encased us in an envelope

It was like they wrapped the world in a jacket.


I could escape to the night forever,

Anything is possibel, whenever, wherever.

Sophie Taylor

My Love For Her

I adore her beautiful clear green eyes.

The joy her red lips bring when she smiles.

Her black hair is a gift for paradise.

Her elegant dresses always in style.


When she is angry and I get screamed.

And when my feelings her and her heart aches,

Then she hugs me tight, it is what I dreamed.

And when I see tears in her eyes my heart breaks.


The sacrifices she made can't be thanked.

To thank her I do not have enough words

Her kind and loving nature can't be ranked.

She loves hearing the sweet singing of birds.


And oh, my love, you are not another,

To be honest you are my kind mother.



Intermittent sounds hum a constant ease,

Hammering hail a lullaby serene,

A rejuvenating mellow decrees,

Tempest wails no quietude intervene.


Through windows blurred into rivulets of rain,

Distinguish vague beads relay cascading,

Suppose tranquility from subdued pain,

Placid dew soporific and soothing.


The leaden pigments blend in poignant eyes,

Watch it jump, ripple cascade from the sky,

Exhilarating temperament defies,

Droplets fall limp on the ground still they lie.


A haze of fresh consumes me for a while

And then on my face protudes a slight smile