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Photography Competition

The winning photographs are:

First Place

Mateusz Kotowicz  9 Fisher

Category: Diversity

Title: Fish

He submitted a series of photographs in the diversity category showing different eco-systems.  No matter how small or big the eco-system is, it will always be important.



Second Place

Beth Corlett 10 Teresa

Category: Spirituality

Title: Walk in the Woods

I took this photo whilst I was walking around the woods with my friend.  I feel it fits the category ‘spirituality’ as it’s peaceful and calm. It helps me connect with my inner self and God. It’s a relaxing, calm place for me to sit whilst I listen to calming music. 



Third Place


Niamh Graham 7 More

Category: Diversity

Title:  Welcome

This picture was taken at Gretna Green in Scotland it says ‘welcome’ in multiple languages and each language is different because of where it comes from and its origin.