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Pupil Flight Paths

From Year 7, each pupil is placed on a ‘Flight Path’ towards a numerical grade at the end of Key Stage 4. 

The Flight Paths are determined by the performance data that pupils arrive with to High School from the end of Key Stage 2 tests at Primary School; the data is determined by SATs results in English and Mathematics.

There are a total of 9 different flight paths all leading to a numerical target grade of between 9 and 1 ensuring a personalised pathway for pupils entering St. Gregory’s with a range of ability.  As a rule of thumb, flight path ‘5’ could be considered around the national average.

Year 7 (2018) Pupils sit SAT’s examinations at the end of Year 6 and these generate scaled scores between 80 and 120, and cover Mathematics, Reading, Spelling and Writing.

The school uses a data package called FFT Aspire to generate targets for pupils based on their scaled scores. Pupils will be given a minimum expected grade for English, Maths and all other subjects known more commonly as a MEG, and also an aspirational grade for English, Maths and all other subjects known more commonly as an ASP.

Each pupil will receive a flightpath target which has two numbers. E.G. 7.5 or 8.6 or 9.7

The first number corresponds to the year group the pupil is in and the second number corresponds to the numerical grade we are targeting the pupils to achieve in those subjects at the end of Year 11.    


An example of a pupil with a target of Grade 6 at GCSE

To work towards achieving a Grade 6 at GCSE we would expect the pupil to make the following progress.

  • At the end of Year 7 – to achieve a Progress Grade Y7.6
  • At the end of Year 8 – to achieve a Progress Grade Y8.6
  • At the end of Year 9 – to achieve a Progress Grade Y9.6

This pupil would follow the Grade 6 Flightpath throughout Years 7-9 and their target will be to remain on this flightpath as the level of challenge will increase each year, enabling them to build the skills knowledge and understanding appropriate to their target. The flightpaths are best demonstrated on the Progression Grid below.




Subject Progress Maps

The flight paths have been designed so that the knowledge, skills and understanding become more challenging every year, helping the pupil to deepen their learning and to reach their target at the end of year 11. In the classroom and in pupil books, teachers will advise on the skills, knowledge and understanding that pupils can focus on building their skills and experience to meet their targets.  Each half term pupils will undertake an assessment to determine the progress they have made and areas for further focus. The teacher will grade the assessment in line with the criteria for the individual flightpath which will be stuck in each pupil’s book. Pupils will then have an opportunity to reflect on their learning by completing an assessment feedback grid that highlights their progress and areas to improve. 

Subject Progress and Assessment Guides for Parents are available on the school website under the specific subject pages and are also in pupil books.  Here you will be able to see an overview of how progress looks in each subject.


Increased Challenge

The minimum expectation is that each pupil remains on this flight path throughout their time at St Gregory’s, but as ever Flight Paths are not set in stone for pupils. Every time there is a summative (termly) assessment in school, we will review whether or not a pupil can be challenged further and be placed on a revised higher Flight Path.  If it is deemed that a pupil can be pushed further, there will be an ‘informal’ agreement between the subject teacher, Pupil Progress Manager and the pupil as to what the new Flight Path will be; the minimal one will remain as ‘official’ on the schools’ data systems so that we can accurately assess pupils who are overachieving and those underachieving.  Written feedback from teachers will clearly identify where pupils can develop their understanding and skills and challenge pupils to demonstrate this in their next assessment.


Next Steps

Parents will receive a Progress Report, three times per year informing them how their child is working towards their assigned Flight Path. Parents will also receive one written report about their child’s progress and attend a Parents’ Evening to discuss progress in each subject with their child’s subject teachers on a one to one basis.

For further information, please contact the Pupil Progress Manager for your child.


Assessment Dates for Academic Year 2021-22

  Teachers HODS Teachers HODS Teachers HODS Teachers HODS Teachers HODs
Data Collection 1 06/12/2021 08/12/2021 13/12/2021 15/12/2021 15/11/2021 17/11/2021 29/11/2021 01/12/2021 02/11/21 04/11/21
Data Collection 2 13/06/2022 15/06/2022 27/06/2022 29/06/2022 24/01/2022 26/01/2022 07/03/2022 09/03/2022 11/01/2022 12/01/2022
Data Collection 3         16/05/2022 18/05/2022 06/06/2022 08/06/2022 21/03/2022 23/03/2022
Data Collection 4                 03/05/2022 05/05/2022
Parent Reports 13/06/2022   27/06/2022   24/01/2022 31/01/2022 07/03/2022   02/11/2021 08/11/2021
Engage Evening 10/03/2022   24/03/2022   17/02/2022   16/06/2022   18/01/2022