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School Menus


Hot Meal Specials

Download the 3 week hot meal specials price list and menu























Week 1 Hot Specials Lunchtime Menu available w/c -      08/01/24,     29/01/24 

Week 2 Hot Specials Lunchtime Menu available w/c -      15/01/24,      05/02/24

Week 3 Hot Specials Lunchtime Menu available w/c -       22/01/24,      12/02/24


Breakfast Menu

Breakfast club has the following items available once a week.
Crumpet -  35p
Toast - 25p
Bagel with Jam half - 35p full 70p 
Hash Brown - 40p
Beans on toast - 70p
Cheese on toast - 70p
Hot chocolate - 25p

Porridge - 80p (with Golden syrup or Jam)

4th July


Chinese New Year