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School Levy

The School Building Fund (The Levy)

What is it?

The school to which you have chosen to send your child/children is a Catholic Voluntary Aided School.  Its aim is to provide education which is distinctively Catholic and ensures an experience of a Christian Community in which is established a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation.  As you are aware, we truly are, 'One Family.... inspired to learn'.  The Catholic community has, however, to make a contribution to costs in return for the privilege of having and being in charge of such a school.


Where does the money come from?

The state, through the Central Government and the Local Authority (LA), provides the money annually for staff salaries, books and equipment.  Catholic Voluntary Aided schools are built and repaired with Government grants and LA contributions owned (held in trust) by the Trustees of the Archdiocese of Liverpool.  The Catholic community has to find 10% of the costs of major repairs, new buildings, extensions and alterations.  In order to help meet these costs, the Archdiocese has had an Archdiocesan Building Fund for the past 20 years, which automatically funds the 10% cost of major repairs and much of the new school building, adaptations and alterations necessary.

The school share provides the opportunity for parents who are using the school facilities to contribute.  The school share is based upon an annual amount calculated at £20 per family and whilst the decision regarding the raising of this level is a local one, the majority of schools request a voluntary contribution on this basis.  Even if St Gregory's is unable to raise the 'school share' through the generosity of our parents it still has to be paid to the Archdiocese.  This obviously reduces the amount of funding available in school and therefore we ask that you carefully consider supporting us.  We know you appreciate the need for us to work in partnership for the fulfilment of the high aspirations we have for all our students.

In respect of your child/children, you will be asked to contribute voluntarily £20 each year, to help ensure that your school can be repaired when this is necessary and work can be done when new buildings or alterations become a priority. In contributing, you will be following generations who have raised money to help provide and maintain the schools which now exist and from which your child/children and your family will continue to benefit and receive the education you wish for your children.

Please complete the appropriate form for either Option 1 or Option 2 and return to school. 

Please make any cheques payable to St Gregory's High School Trust or make your payment online through the School Gateway App.

If you have any new ideas of how to raise funds at our school for building purposes, I am sure the Governors would be delighted to hear them. Thank you for your continued support and understanding of the financial challenges we face.


All the forms for the School Building Fund (School Levy) can be found below.


School Levy Participation Form

School Levy Form Option 1

School Levy Form Option 2