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Each year group is organised into 8 form classes named after the Saints; Campion, Fisher, Julian, Kolbe, More, Plessington, Teresa and Winefride. 

The school day starts with form time at 8.45am. This time is invaluable in preparing your child for the day ahead so that they are ready to learn with the correct attitude to learning. It also enables your child to develop a strong and positive relationship with their Form Tutor who is there to help and support them.

Each year group is led by a Pupil Progress Manager (PPM) and supported by a Pastoral Support Manager (PSM). They keep in regular contact with all form tutors and subject teachers, ensuring all students are safe, happy and have the correct attitude to learning.  

Our PPM and PSM Team 

Y7 Mr Getty Miss Dolphin
Y8 Mr Wiles Miss Evans
Y9 Mr Parry Mrs Heaton
Y10 Mrs Burns Mrs Lee 
Y11 Mrs Brown Mrs Batty


If you would like to speak to your child's form tutor or their PPM or PSM please complete the form on our communication page.

Collective Worship takes place each day during form time and once a week, each year group gathers in the Drama Theatre to pray and reflect on the week's Gospel reading.  Pupils are encouraged to lead Collective Worship themselves and this provides an opportunity for them to learn more about Catholic life at school. 

Positive Footprints and Anti-Bullying 
Pupils at St. Gregory's are encouraged to consider how they can have a positive impact on others and reduce incidents of bullying through our positive footprint campaigns. Information on how we work to eliminate bullying and bullying behaviour at St. Gregory's Catholic High School is contained on our Positive Footprints pages
If you have any concerns regarding your own child or if your child is aware of another child that might be being bullied, they should contact the appropriate Pupil Progress Manager.