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Rewards & Sanctions

The aim of St. Gregory's Catholic High School is to provide an experience of a Christian community in which is established a spirit of mutual trust, respect and co-operation: “thus will be fostered the fullest spiritual, academic and personal development” of our pupils.  Pupils, Parents/Carers, Governors and staff work in partnership.  Effective teaching and learning can only take place in a well-ordered environment.  Promoting positive behaviour requires the commitment of all members of our school community.  Consistency of practice is vitally important for our continued success.  Our rewards and sanctions strives to engage all members of our community.  The sharing of common goals is essential to the well-being of our community and to the fulfilment of the high aspirations we have for all our pupils as ‘ONE FAMILY…INSPIRED TO LEARN’.  We recognise that positive behaviour for learning has to be taught, modelled and observed by our pupils for which all staff are responsible for on a daily basis.



To support this we have produced a clear and visible Attitude to Learning display which enables pupils to see and understand what Outstanding Attitude to Learning looks like.

If a pupil is awarded a 1 for their Attitude to Learning they will also be awarded an achievement point. Pupils can also be awarded achievement points for a number of other reasons such as 100% weekly attendance; 100% weekly punctuality; outstanding homework; collaboration etc.

A pupil’s achievement points are accumulated and can lead to rewards including phone calls home, certificates, trips and an early finish at the end of term as well as many more.



















Occasionally, pupils make the wrong choices and we need to support them in understanding what they have done wrong as well as helping them to move forward and learn how to make the correct choice. To do so, we have produced a clear and simple Sanction Ladder that provides examples of the behaviour and the relevant sanction. Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list and staff will use their professional judgement when determining the relevant sanction.

At St Gregory’s we believe that through working with parents/carers we can enjoy the co-responsibility of educating our young people.