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Anti-Bullying and Hate Crime

As Anti-Bullying  and Hate Crime Ambassadors we believe every member of our school family has the right and responsibility to ensure everyone feels respected, cared for and safe. We encourage everyone to work cooperatively so that we all understand these terms, who to turn to for support and what happens if incidents are reported.



Our lives and our mental health are impacted by the positive footprints each person leaves on us every day. This can be within the school, work, or home. Our team’s aim is to embrace the positives in our lives instead of trying to combat negativity. We have a brilliant team of pupils across all year groups. All the team are different, and each have wonderful qualities and strengths that they bring to our team.

What do our Positive Footprints Ambassadors do? 

Our plan is to help spread positivity throughout the school and local community. Our focus is to encourage kindness to help people feel happier, supported and most importantly to ensure we continue leaving a positive footprint. 

Our Ambassadors take part in - 

  • Spreading the Positive Footprints message 
  • Encouraging participation in Positive Footprint Challenges 
  • Raising awareness 
  • Support each other 


What do our team have to say? 





When do we meet? 

We have regular break meetings on a Tuesday and Wednesday as well as a pre-school drop in at the Augustine Centre.