Passport to Literacy Scheme

Passport to Literacy Scheme


  • To maintain student interest in reading as they transfer from primary school to secondary school education and foster positive, regular reading habits which continue throughout their time at St. Gregory’s.
  • To promote reading for pleasure initially and expand focus to include reading across the curriculum and encourage the use of appropriate reading strategies for all subject areas.

Individual tasks cover specific objectives from the KS3 English Framework and the AQA English/English Literature syllabuses.  All tasks expect a high level of presentation showing evidence of planning, drafting and proof reading and using a wide range of presentational devices on paper and on screen.


The scheme is divided into three sections, which lead to Bronze, Silver, and Gold certificates, recorded in student’s Record of Achievement.

Year Group Certificates Requirements Completion Dates
Year 7 Bronze 5 novels Easter
Year 8 Silver Target Worlds May
Year 9 Gold Curriculum (Subject Tasks) July


The activities cater for all students, irrespective of reading levels/age and allow for differentiation and progression; English staff should advise on text choice and activity range.  LRC Staff should be used as a resource in terms of advice, booklists, promotion etc.


Tasks should be attempted as a result of the students’ own interests in the scheme, with homework time allocated when appropriate; it is an excellent opportunity to encourage parent/carer participation as a Home Learning exercise. 


The tasks promote target setting and have an integral reward system, which includes a range of incentives which acknowledge pupils as, Self-Managers, Effective Participators and Team Workers.


Our scheme promotes an awareness of their role as citizens (Citizenship) both in their school and outside with community partnerships including other school libraries, public libraries, bookstores, National events and related activities.