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We have put together a list of frequently asked questions from Year 6 pupils preparing to move up to St. Gregory’s.


The main questions pupils ask are around:

  • Safety- wellbeing - friendships
  • Homework
  • Punctuality
  • Sanctions
  • Extra-curricular activities


We have done our best to answer these questions and hope that the New Pupil Days you will have in school will also help. If we have not been able to answer your question below then please email us at with your question and we will do our best to reply as soon as we can.


How is bullying dealt with?

Bullying is not common at St. Gregory’s. The important thing is to report it to any adult in school but especially your form tutor or classroom teacher. We will deal with it and we have an Anti-Bullying Policy. It is hard to say exactly how we deal with each case, because no two cases are the same. Our aim is always to make it stop and we will take whatever actions are needed to make this happen. We will and do use sanctions – but there are other things we might do too.


Will I get lost?

Possibly – we are bigger than your primary school! There are lots of signs and people to help you and you will have a map. Usually, after a couple of weeks (or once through the timetable) people know where they are going.  Also, St. Gregory’s pupils are very friendly and helpful and will always point you in the right direction if asked.


Can I be with friends?

Your primary schools will have told us who works well together and we use this information to help us put tutor groups together.

Remember you are not taught in your tutor groups and lessons are about learning. Social times are break and lunch, when you are free to be with your friends.


How do students get detentions and why?

Students who are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing do not get detentions.

If you do not behave well, do not work hard enough, do not hand in homework, disrupt lessons, are not in full and correct uniform after having been warned, or are disrespectful to adults, then you can expect to find yourself in detention.


Can we use bikes?

To get to and from school yes. Use a bike lock and a helmet and stay safe. The roads around St. Gregory’s get really busy at the start and end of the day. There are cycle paths – use them where possible.


Can I get help if I need it?

Yes – ask your Form Tutor, your teacher, your Pupil Progress Manager, our school chaplain or teaching assistants. Any adult in school will help you. Sometimes this means helping you to help yourself as you start to grow up.


How do we make new friends?

You will have an opportunity to meet your tutor group in July where you will do some “getting to know you” activities. Getting involved in clubs and activities after school is another way of making new friends.


What time does school start?

This information is in your School Planner which you will be given in September.  It is also on our school website. You need to be in your classroom, ready to register, correctly uniformed and with the right equipment ready to start for 8:50am. So get to your classroom for 8:40am at the latest.



Our Behaviour Policy is in your Learning Organiser and we will go over it when you get here. If you try hard you will be rewarded with achievement. If you do not there are sanctions.


How strict are our teachers?

Teachers have high expectations. They want you to learn. If you work hard and use your manners that won’t be a problem.


Can I bring my mobile phone to school?

We accept that your parents may wish you to have a mobile phone so you can speak to them on the way home.  HOWEVER, your phone should ALWAYS be switched off and kept in your inside blazer pocket whilst in school.  Your phone will be confiscated if you have it out during the school day.  (Please see the School policy)


Are all Year Groups out at the same time e.g. at lunch?

Purely for timetabling purposes each year group is divided into two bands, S and G.  Depending on what band you are in determines what lunch time you have. 


What if I am late for school?

You need to be punctual. If you are late you can expect a detention.


How many teachers are in the playground?

Break and lunchtimes are supervised by teachers, pupil progress managers and senior leaders.  There are plenty of people around.


How much homework is there?  Is homework hard? What is ClassCharts? What if it is not done?

Year 7 are allocated up to 20 minutes per subject per week or fortnight. You will get homework daily.

ClassCharts is St. Gregory’s on-line Homework Diary. You can get it as an app and lots of students find it really helpful. We will go through it in more detail when you are here.


Lesson Structure – length, number in day?

This information will be in your Learning Organiser and on your timetable.  Lessons are each 1 hour long.