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Anti-Bullying & Hate Crime

Welcome to the Anti-Bullying  and Hate Crime area of our school website.

As Anti-Bullying  and Hate Crime Ambassadors we believe every member of our school family has the right and responsibility to ensure everyone feels respected, cared for and safe. We encourage everyone to work cooperatively so that we all understand these terms, who to turn to for support and what happens if incidents are reported.


Anti-Bullying Week  November 15-19, 2021

‘One Kind Word’

The Anti-Bullying Core Team, (Keiran Rogerson,(11Winefride) Jenny Williams (11 Winefride) and Emily Wielebski(11Fisher) have been working with Mrs Dolphin to plan this year’s Anti-Bullying Week and have decided  this year to produce their work over multiple weeks and months instead of cramming everything into the one week. Anti-bullying needs to be the focus all the time.


Our new St Gregory’s ‘Positive Footprint’ hoodie will be available in January. The hoodie will cost £20 to purchase and pupils can wear this in place of their school blazer in February. Orders can be placed from Monday 10th January until Friday 14th January. Look out for more details in January on the Parent App.


During Anti-Bullying Week our annual survey was given to Y7-10, to see how much pupils knew about Anti-Bullying Week and whether they have ever felt bullied.  Pupils also attended a Personal Development session about anti-bullying and hate crime and the subject was raised during Collective Worship.  Results of the survey will be posted soon.


Positive Footprint Award

Launched during Anti-Bullying week and continuing until the end of term, pupils and staff have been asked to nominate a person who has left a positive footprint with them. A positive footprint is something nice that does something for you and it leaves a positive thought with you. 














Wanting to know more? Check out the Anti-Bullying Alliance website.