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Anti-Bullying & Hate Crime

Welcome to the Anti-Bullying  and Hate Crime area of our school website.

As Anti-Bullying  and Hate Crime Ambassadors we believe every member of our school family has the right and responsibility to ensure everyone feels respected, cared for and safe. We encourage everyone to work cooperatively so that we all understand these terms, who to turn to for support and what happens if incidents are reported.


Anti-Bullying Week  November 15-19, 2021

‘One Kind Word’

The Anti-Bullying Core Team, (Keiran Rogerson,(11Winefride) Jenny Williams (11 Winefride) and Emily Wielebski(11Fisher)  working with Mrs Dolphin  have decided to keep Anti-Bullying in the spotlight all year round by planning events throughout the year, not for just one week.


Our new St Gregory’s ‘Positive Footprint’ hoodie.




'Positive Footprint' Awards 

Launched during Anti-Bullying week  pupils and staff were asked to nominate someone in our school community who they think deserve a positive footprint award and share why.  

A positive footprint is something nice that does something for you and it leaves a positive thought with you. Nominations were posted in the 'Positive Footprint' box with over 200 nominations received!

Everyone nominated received a 'Positive Footprint' Award. 



Light Up A Life

Our Y10 students went to Liverpool Cathedral on 8th December to take part in Nugent Care's Light Up A Life Service. The students that took part were responsible for bidding prayers on the day. 


Food Collections

Our students managed to collect a massive amount of tinned food, scarves/hats/gloves, chocolate and toiletries for some local charities. The charities were thrilled to accept the donations - well done for such a good effort!


Wanting to know more? Check out the Anti-Bullying Alliance website.