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Mr Bacon Subject Leader
Mrs Wood Year 9 PPM
Miss Craig   Year 11 PPM
Mr Percival   Subject Teacher



Curriculum Intent

At St Gregory's we cover all aspects of the National Curriculum whilst also providing many opportunities to learn beyond. We aim to develop our pupils understanding of various people and their culture around the world developing our pupils into global citizens who respect their local and global environment. We instil ideals on sustainability and develop pupil’s moral responsibility to support those in the world less fortunate than ourselves, especially those suffering from natural disasters, poverty, famine, disease and war.  We plan fun and engaging lessons/topics as we want to inspire and enthuse the young minds at St Gregory’s. Our intent is to develop pupil understanding of the many natural processes of the earth and allow pupils to see first-hand how these impact on the daily lives of humans.  Our curriculum has a strong knowledge focus, which we aim to develop over a pupil’s five years at St Gregory’s as we understand these are essential in preparing our pupils for life after St. Gregory’s.  

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