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Religious Education


Mrs Sherrington Head of Religious Education
Mrs Cooper Maternity Leave
Miss Crawley Maternity Cover
Mrs Hoey Pupil Progress Manager Year 9
Mrs Kaye  
Mr McLeod Assistant Headteacher - Catholic Life of the school
Miss McQuaid  

Curriculum Intent

Treat each child as a child of God and work to improve their knowledge and understanding of His world and their place within it.

Ensure that young people learn about and from the faith of our school and other world faiths.

Build upon previous learning and experiences to develop our young people’s knowledge and understanding of religion and its place in the wider world.

Ensure that young people are examination ready at GCSE level to secure the qualifications necessary to embrace the next stage in their lives.

Challenge misconceptions, intolerance, prejudice and discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, creed, sexual orientation and/or disability as per the Equality Act 2010 ensuring that ALL are recognised as part of God’s creation thereby encouraging them to challenge these intolerances in our society.

Curriculum Maps


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