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Physical Education


Mr Dean Head of Department 
Mrs McCabe  
Miss Sanderson Pupil Progress Manager Y7
Mr Wiles Pupil Progress Manager Y11

Curriculum Intent

The intent of the PE curriculum at St. Gregory’s Catholic High School is to strike the right balance between provision, participation and performance for all of our pupils. The PE curriculum has been designed to provide pupils with an enjoyable and stimulating experience, which broadens their sporting horizons and provides the platform for a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

Our intent as a department is to ensure that our curriculum:

  1. Provides our pupils with new sporting experiences and increases their intellectual understanding of the subject
  2. Fosters a love of learning for the subject that stimulates the academic and practical inquisitiveness of our pupils
  3. Creates clear pathways for pupils to study the subject further in Key Stage 4 and beyond secondary education into    post -16 education and employment

Curriculum Maps

Y7 -Y9 GCSE Cambridge National in Sport Studies
Year 7 Year 10 Year 10
Year 8 Year 11 Year 11
Year 9    


Subject Progress Guide for Parents


The GCSE POD is used to set homework at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 and for GCSE assessments with extended answers and multiple choice.