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Mrs Barrow  Head of Modern Foreign Languages/SLE
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Bonjour and Hola from the Modern Foreign Languages Department

Curriculum Intent

Our aim is to ensure that learning a foreign language opens up pupil’s minds and liberates them from insularity, which promotes our Catholic ethos, fostering a passion for and appreciation of other peoples, cultures and literature, within socio-historical and geographical contexts. It also improves overall literacy and communication skills, both verbal and written in the target language and English. As a result, pupils are equipped with the skills to learn any new foreign languages in the future, as the opportunity arises.

Curriculum Maps


Subject Progress Guide for Parents

ChatterBOX English Academy

¡BUENOS DIAS!  Students from ChatterBOX English Academy in Madrid spend time in Warrington every Summer term for two weeks, staying with host families with children from St. Gregory’s. 

Our students are there to improve their English and during their stay they will attend school as a pupil at St. Gregory’s.  We believe that it is a fantastic opportunity for all involved to meet new friends and to make possible future links.  Although our students are ideal to help students taking GCSE Spanish, we have lots of students aged from 12-16 interested in a visit to Warrington so all ages are welcome!

For more information email Mrs Nicola Bailey Academy Head Teacher or visit the website.