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Mr Egan Subject Leader
Mr Sexton    Subject Teacher
Ms Mathers    Subject Teacher
Miss Dennett    Subject Teacher

Curriculum Intent

In History, we aim to develop a love of the study of History, an enquiring mind and to develop a fascination for the past. We cover Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural issues as well as the diversity of societies and relationships which will give them a sense of understanding the world they live in. History is taught both chronologically and thematically across all year groups. There is a regional, national and international focus, with an emphasis on developing the necessary skills to be successful at GCSE and beyond, including literacy. Preparation time for assessments has been incorporated into the programme of study to ensure that learners are able to prepare themselves to maximise their potential. 

Curriculum Maps

National Curriculum


Year 9 World War One History Project

Independent research on the First World War.

There has been a variety of projects submitted, ranging from models of trenches and weaponry to research of family members who fought in the conflict.

The projects which have been submitted are of a very high standard and are the results of weeks of hard work and research.

Although all of the projects were unique, special mention must go to Jackson Peers for his model trench, Spiros Carolino for his engaging research into the role Asian soldiers played in the war and Alicia Meehan for her simple but very effective candle holder. 


Spiros Carolino's Research