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Health & Social Care


Mrs Cross Head of Department
Mrs Knowles Subject Teacher
Mrs McCabe Subject Teacher

Curriculum Intent

Our BTEC Tech Award course aims to develop a broad range of skills in job related areas. Pupils develop skills, knowledge and understanding of the vocational world of Health and Social Studies. Pupils will be prepared for the world of work and provides a good starting point for other qualifications that can be studied further at college or in the workplace. They develop skills of organisation, time management, communication and research that employers value in the qualities that vocational students bring to the workplace through developing the independent research skills that vocational students bring to their courses, skills which colleges and universities value. We provide pupils the opportunity to try a range of activities such as planning and designing health programmes and care plans, organising events and investigating how professionals work and working in teams. Over all the course will increase the confidence and self-esteem of all pupils, not only in the development of their curriculum skills but to also support pupils in becoming respectful, empathetic young people who understand the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of all individuals throughout all life-stages.

Curriculum Maps